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Tron UNIDEC - 406 MHz EPIRB Tester

Last edited 10 May 2016

Tron UNIDEC.jpg

Jotron have since the late eighties produced their own Cospas Sarsat EPIRB Tester.
This product receives and decodes all types of COSPAS and SARSAT beacon signals.

Decodes and tests all types of Cospas-Sarsat beacon signals.
Frequency range 406.00 - 406.100 MHz.

Complies and exceeds IMO's MSC/Circ.1040:
Annual Testing of 406 MHz Satellite EPIRB, as required by SOLAS regulation IV/15.9.

Tron UNIDEC offers to transfer the information from the decoder into the PC for further processing.

A certificate is generated containing the decoded EPIRB data as well as the beacon's transmission measurements.

Recommended maintenance: Calibration every 2 year. Exchange unit is available.

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