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MED Approval for Tron AIS TR-8000

Publish date: 04 May 2012

Jotron is proud to announce our recently launched AIS product, Tron AIS TR-8000 which has received a MED approval.

Tron AIS TR-8000 stor.jpg

Jotron is proud to present the new Tron AIS TR-8000, the latest generation AIS Class A. After several months with dedicated development, this new shipborne AIS Class A has been designed with special features to optimize easy installation and to secure safe operation onboard all types of ships.

Jotron`s long tradition in working close with the marine industry has resulted in the new Tron AIS TR-8000 to be filled with several innovated solutions. Tron AIS TR-8000 has been designed with a separate transceiver unit including junction interface and a 7" touch display unit. The separate transceiver unit has been developed to easy any ECDIS interface while the design of the display unit will meet "stand-alone", flush- and panel mounting.

Tron AIS TR-8000 will comply with the new inland waterways requirements.

For more information and/or downloads about the product, please use this link.