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Tron 40S

Last edited 05 Feb 2014

Alternative product: Tron 40S MkII or Tron 40GPS MkII

84523  Battery Tron 40S 5 years SBM kit
               Includes: Relevant maintenance articles and labels
97780 Battery Tron 40S 5 years maintenance kit
               Includes: Relevant maintenance articles and labels
85216 FB-6 Float-free Bracket w/automatic release and protective cover
              Includes: 80414 Hydrostatic release mechanism
97777 FBH-4 Float-free Bracket, automatic release, with heating 
               Includes: Hydrostatic release mechanism and thermostat in junction box
97821 Hydrostatic release mechanism w/bolt for FB-4 and FBH-4
80414 Hydrostatic release mechanism w/bolt for FB-5
98204 Release kit for FB-4

Not sold after 31.08.2008

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