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Transmitter VHF TA-4150

Last edited 04 Oct 2010

Military standard multi channel VHF/AM Transmitter in a 3U -19” sub-rack. 25/8.33 kHz channel spacing in the band 118-137 MHz. Fast frequency switching, low noise transmitter. Low noise LO gives excellent large signal performance (RX). Includes 60 to 15pin adapter for easy connection to remote equipment. RS-232 and Ethernet/LAN interface for remote control. Full digital control and diagnostics. 115/230VAC mains with auto fallback to 27V DC. The transmitter is compatible to Vinson and Link 11. Power supply included.

Article numbers:

81145     TA-4150 VHF AM Transmitter 50W

Basic radio series 4000 includes:
                 VHF-UHF AM basic radio in sub rack as:
                 • Combined VHF/UHF AM transceiver
                 • Separate UHF AM Transceivers , transmitters , receivers
                 • Separate VHF AM Transceivers , transmitters , receivers

83502      Connection kit (60 wires)
                  Enables easy connection of all the interface pins to a standard
                  distribution frame
83500       Radio Controller
                   Full control of up to 32 radios connected to a common Local Area Network
                   (LAN) and operating within the same logical multicast group. The 
                   colour  distplay with touch-screen enables an easy and intuitive MMI
                   to all radio parameters needed for operation and maintenance of the

       Sub rack complete for 4000
85471       Sub rack for maritime use
84363       Interface to External parallel frequency control Have Quick Applique
                   For use with external frequency hopping (ECCM) or control systems
84362       Frequency Modulation (FM) Enables the radio for FM
84364       Wide Band AM
                   For use with secure voice systems (Vinson) or other application 
                   requiring wide banddata transfer.
84365       FM Data
                   Includes wide band FM modulation (20kHz) and a faster T/R switch 
                   (pin diodes). Used for FM data transfer, specifically Link 11
84366       Both Wide Band AM and FM data
84367       Extended VHF Frequency range 118-144 MHz (ex.freq.)
84368       Extended VHF Frequency range 118-156 MHz (ex.freq.)
83501       Radio Control PC Software
                    PC program for full access to all monitoring and control parameters
                    on the radio. Controls one or many radios
99467       Guard receiver module 121.5/243.0 MHz
                   Includes independent single channel guard receiver on selectable
                   frequency 121.5 or 243.0 MHz. Guard receiver audio can be routed
                   to independent or common line output.
81860       ACU Antenna Change Over Unit , Main to Standby, 4000 series
                   LAN switch is required when 1 radio/site controller operates several radios

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