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Last edited 03 Jan 2017

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Multi purpose VHF/AM Transceiver

TR-810 is designed to meet future demands for a lightweight, rugged and flexible radio, specially designed for vehicle and desk-top applications. The flexible design is achieved by making the Operators Control Panel (OCP) detachable from the compact base unit. Communication between the two units is via standard CAT-5 cable. By being able to separate the OCP from the base unit, it opens up for several user applications.

Article numbers:

83200VE     TR-810 VE Transceiver Vehicle version 10W
                      83200     TR-810 Transceiver Base Unit
                      86417     TR-810 VE Accessories
                      (Microphone, antenna, antenna adaptor FME-BMC, external
                       loudspeaker, DC cable, 5m cable, console bracket, front module bracket
                       and manual)

83200DE    TR-810 DE Transceiver Desktop version
                      83200     TR-810 Transceiver Base Unit
                      86419    TR-810 DE Accessories
                      (Microphone, power AC/DC, front module bracket, antenna connector
                       BNC-RG213, console bracket and manual)

83200MP     TR-810 MP Transceiver Man Portable version
                       83200 TR-810 Transceiver Base Unit
                       86416 TR-810 MPAccessories
                       (Microphone, battery backup, carrying bag, antenna, antenna cable,
                       antenna bracket, fasten bracket, interconnection cable, DC power cable,
                       power AC/DC w/connector and manual)
83200LR     TR-810 LR Transceiver Last Resort version
                       83200 TR-810 Transceiver Base Unit
                       86418 TR-810 MPAccessories
                       (Microphone, battery backup, power AC/DC w/connector,
                       220V AC cable w/plugs, antenna adaptor BNC, console bracket,fasten
                       bracket, support knob and manual)
83200SR      TR-810 SR Transceiver Sub Rack version
                       83200 TR-810 Transceiver Base Unit
                       86898 TR-810 SR Accessories
                       (incl. 19?/2HU enclosure, Microphone, 220V AC cable  w/plugs, 
                       DC plug and manual)

83200OF      TR-810 OF Transceiver Offshore version
                       83200 TR-810 Transceiver Base Unit
                       86420 TR-810 OF Accessories
                       (Microphone, AC/DC power, antenna adapter,  220V AC cable,
                       5m cable, console bracket, console cover plate, front module bracket,
                       front cover plate with flange and manual)

91794             Antenna CXL3-1LW for maritime applications
97898            Coax cable RG-213 - 30m
98244            N-connector for RG-213 coax cable
82907            Antenna 1/2? flammable retardant cable (offshore)
82908            N-connector  for 1/2? flammable retardant cable
80322            Antenna lightning protector
80592            RG-214 Coax Cable, per meter
86273            RG-214 N-male connector
85558            External loudspeaker
84317            Cable 5m extension between front and transceiver module
87130            BU-872
          Front Module (OCP)
82769T          Transceiver Module
84092             Handheld microphone w/bracket
97976             Antenna whip for car applications
80577             Antenna adapter BNC ? N
84329             Cable DC w/fuse
84330             Power AC/DC w/connector
85636             Carrying bag
84545             DC/DC converter with separation
86875             Antenna for MP

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