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Transceiver VHF AM TR-7750

Last edited 16 Jun 2014

Multi/Single Channel VHF/AM Transceiver in 19" sub-rack. 3U high. 99 Ch. fast recall store. AM voice. 25 and 8.33 kHz channel spacing. 118-137 MHz. LAN ( SNMP ), RS-232 or RS-485 serial interface, full digital control and diagnostics. Operates from AC mains with auto fail to 24V DC. Power supply included.

Option: Internal in-band interface 

Article numbers:

84700   TR-7750 VHF/AM Digital Multimode Transceiver 50W    

     Sub Rack for RA-7203
82453     Sub Rack for TA-76xx w/PSU
98825     Sub Rack complete
86907     KRONE frame for Sub Rack
84357    VDL - VHF Data Link Applications (for TR-7650only)
                 Enables the physical capability of the radio to receive and transmit 
                VDL  mode 2 packets using D8PSK modulation with 31.5 kbit/s data.
84358     Inband signalling (for TA-7650/25/10 and RA-7203.                 
                Both as transceiver) T7650/25/107650/25/107650/25/10)
                Inband signalling option that enables keying of the transmitter with a
                user  selectable inband tone and selectable inband tones on the receiver 
                to signal squelch status.
84360     118-144 MHz Extended frequency range
84361     118-156 MHz Extended frequency range
84362     Frequency Modulation (FM)
93809     Carrier offset 2,3,4 and 586209     VoIP
86884     Frequency Modulation (AM-MSK)
86885    Telsa Cavity Control
81860     ACU Antenna Change Over Unit , Main to Standby, 7000 series Multimode               

                Spare Parts:
     Spare Part Modules
82417     PSU 7002 Power Supply
82716     7000 to 7000 Multimode Radio interface                 
                To be used when interfacing 7000 Digital Multimode Radio to previous 7000 series.

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