Last edited 18 Jan 2013

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Today’s modern vessels have demands for an affordable round-the-clock always on broadband data pipe with defined performance. In the future this will applies for all kinds of ships as affordable equipment and services becomes available in the market.

Affordable broadband anywhere at sea will be more and more expected and required for professional users and crews at sea. Internet and affordable communication services has become a key issue for recruiting and retaining crew. Total integration of the ship’s office with the land based offices for online fast access to information databases and all kind of templates has as well become a demand in commercial shipping.

Up to now the traditional Inmarsat services have been the only realistic option for reliable maritime voice and data, but due to customers demand for higher capacity and fixed predictable monthly cost, VSAT operating at Ku-band now clearly seems to become the dominating solution in the market for data intensive applications.

Jotron AS will provide a key product for broadband at sea with global coverage, an innovative and high performance stabilized Ku-band antenna. 

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