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Jotron Elektronikk A/S was established in 1967 (became Jotron Electronics AS in 1987 and Jotron AS in 2007). The company's headquarters is located in Larvik, a small coastal town 135 km south of the capital Oslo. Today our products are sold through authorized representatives in 100 countries around the world.

The broadcast period
In 1967 Jotron was involved in the early stages of building television links to cover the whole of Norway. High mountains, deep valleys and long fjords made it difficult to receive radio signals in certain areas. This was the basis for establishing the company. Our involvement in broadcasting ended in 1975.

World's first marine ELT
Norway has a long and dangerous coastline. In 1968 the Norwegian Government made contact with selected Norwegian Companies to see if there was some interest in developing an alarm system for ships in distress. ELT (Emergency Locating Transmitters) were already used in mandatory aircraft safety equipment worldwide. Jotron recommended the development of a marine ELT, later named EPIRB (Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon), and was granted the development contract. The worlds first EPIRB, Tron 1, was tested and approved in 1970.

ATC radio equipment
During early 1970 the Norwegian CAA was planning to replace all the Ground to Air radios in Norwegian airports. With the VHF/AM technology already available in Jotron's Tron 2, we were granted a development contract with the Norwegian CAA. The first VHF/AM Ground to Air Receiver was delivered in 1975. Since then thousands of Ground to Air Radios and Remote Control Systems have been installed world-wide.

Two-way communication
The need for two-way communication during a rescue operation was the idea for the next product in the emergency radio family, Tron 2. This was an easily operated radio using a single hand and operating on two civil frequencies, 121,5 and 123,1 MHz. Tron 2 was tested and approved in 1971.

Intercom systems
As a spin off from company Phonico, key persons established Phontech and developed the product range in close cooperation with customers like the Royal Norwegian Navy in 1987.
Since 1997 Jotron Phontech was been a member of the Jotron Group. In April 2012 the company was merged into Jotron AS.

Float free EPIRB and radar transponders
In 1990 GMDSS international regulations came into force. With the world's first 406 MHz Float Free Emergency Beacon Tron 30S, Jotron already had developed products in accordance with the new regulations.
In 1991 the Radar Transponder, Tron SART was launched. This product group has since been one of our best sellers.

Consultas Maritime Software
Consultas was founded by 3 naval architects in 1972 and delivered the first loading computer to the maritime sector, parallel to the introduction of desktop computers. By 1978 they had already delivered their first onboard maintenance, spare parts/inventory control, budget control and payroll systems. Six years later the first ship-to-shore data communication system was commissioned.
In March 2012 Jotron Consultas AS was acquired by Kongsberg Maritime.

Ricochet Recording and Replay
Ricochet AS was acquired by Jotron in 2012. Ricochet was founded in the late 90s to provide customers with new concept solutions that would bring real value and benefits. The founders of Ricochet formerly held leading positions with extensive R&D experience in Norwegian high-tech companies with broad international market penetration.
Ricochet’s revolutionary product changed the way air traffic control viewed “mission-critical recording”, and elevated the field of recording to a totally new and higher standard. Instant access to important information was now available at the click of a button, whether the data was five minutes old or several years old.
Ricochet successfully installed their first recording system at Guernsey States Airport in 2001. The company has since then supplied more than 500 recording and replay systems worldwide.


Baltexpo 2017

Jotron will participate at Enamor's stand at Baltexpo in Gdansk, Poland.

Date: 11-13 September 2017

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NEVA 2017

Jotron will be present at NEVA in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Date: 19 - 22 September 2017
Stand no: F2303

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