Why Jotron?

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Jotron management philosophy
“Management by involvement” is in broad terms the Jotron management philosophy. To make the right decision at the right time is a challenge for any manager. All decisions have their price, especially if they are wrong. To avoid making decisions that only make the manager wiser, the management of Jotron is indeed operative and involved at all levels of the company. This is for one good reason; to get the same good feeling of the situation as any other employee and to safeguard the consequence and outcome of the decisions he or she is making. This somewhat simple, but highly efficient philosophy was one of the main reasons why Jotron were listed amongst the 50 best companies in Norway in 2004, financially.

Full control through own research and development
Many companies today outsource parts or the whole of their product development. In the short term, this may seem attractive and cost efficient, however in the long run, this may leave you in jeopardy for years to come, since you have made yourself dependant on a third party for your main source of income. Jotron, however has a different philosophy: We have our own, dedicated, experienced and highly qualified graduates and engineers that take care of our own product development, in close co-operation with other departments of the organisation such as sales and marketing and Production. The high success rate of many of the Jotron products in the international market is the best recommendation possible for our development team. The product range is continuously being updated to take advantage of the latest technology.

Customer support
The customer support department of Jotron is the strategic weapon in maintaining customer relations. “To exceed the customer’s expectations” is their own slogan. They want to be the best in class when it comes to customer satisfaction. The reason is simply because Jotron knows that good customer support forms the foundation for the next sale. The task is to take care of correspondence with clients, repair, spares handling, training, documentation, statistics etc.

Jotron forever
The stability of the workforce within the Jotron group is quite unique. 9 persons have been employed in the company for more than 20 years and 40 persons for more than 10 years. This means that valuable competence and experience is kept within the company and used wisely when designing the next generation of products. No wonder the Jotron design is being used as a reference for other manufacturers.


Sea Asia 2015

Jotron Asia will exhibit at the Norwegian Pavilion at Sea Asia in Singapore.

Date: 21 - 23 April 2015
Stand n0: B2-N11H

For more information, visit:
Sea Asia 2015

Offshore Technology Conference 2015

Jotron USA will be present at OTC in Houston, Texas - USA

Date:  4 - 7 May 2015
Stand n0: 1309

For more information, visit:
OTC 2015